About Reyos – The Swiss Medical Cannabis Company

We strongly believe in the medical potential of the cannabis plant. Building on the legacy of over 2,000 years of traditional use and insights from modern research, Reyos is actively growing the body of clinical evidence, helping physicians make informed decisions and giving patients access to innovative therapies. In a range of indications, cannabis may be safer, more effective and more cost-efficient than existing treatments, benefiting patients as well as healthcare systems.

Our expertise

A growing body of scientific and medical evidence around the use of cannabis to treat patients is being created. At the same time, the continuously evolving regulatory framework is trying to allow patients access to innovative therapies.

Clinical research

Reyos is one of the first companies to design and coordinate gold standard clinical trials exploring the medical benefits of the cannabis plant.

Through the creation of irrefutable medical evidence, we provide physicians the knowledge they need to better treat their patients. Our expertise covers all types of non-laboratory research and our broad network of medical experts allows us to address research needs in a wide range of indications.

Product development

The development of innovative medical cannabis treatments, together with our partners along the value chain, is a core aspect of how we see ourselves and how we are helping patients lead better lives.

Combining our in-depth understanding of the cannabis plant with our medical expertise and experience from the pharmaceutical industry allows us to identify the most pressing unmet needs and how to optimally create solutions that benefit patients fast.

Expert advice

We are exploring and shaping medical cannabis from multiple angles: It is the combination of medical, regulatory, access and societal perspectives that provides a deep understanding of needs and how to address them.

Our knowledge does not only allow us to provide expert advice to our partners and jointly work out solutions, it also lets us engage with physicians in a meaningful way and shape the healthcare environment for the benefit of patients.


Team members

Sandra Schoenes

Sandra is a medical doctor and MBA from background with a track record in healthcare entrepreneurship and over 10 years of consulting experience for biopharmaceutical and diagnostic companies with a focus on market access and medical education. Sandra is passionate about improving patient and physician access to meaningful medicines and is convinced about the great potential of evidence-based whole plant cannabis treatments.

Volker Haushalter

Volker has a deep understanding of how to develop and implement innovative go to market models in the fast evolving European medical cannabis landscape. In the past, he has consulted pharmaceutical clients on topics ranging from sales and commercial to access, regulatory and medical affairs.


If you are interested in our services or just would like to exchange views and discuss the state of the cannabis industry please contact us!